Who am I?

Hi, I am a PhD (Human/Applied physiology) Student at St Mary’s University studying changes within the brain and periphery in relation to concussion and hypo-hydration in combat sports.
In 2015, after a week long migraine and visit to an A&E, a CT scan alerted doctors to the presence of an Arachnoid Cyst within the cerebellopontine angle of my brain. Though it probably has nothing to do with my previous sporting endeavours and will remain to be asymptomatic God-willing, since then, the concept of training in any form of combat sports as well as fasting was a daunting idea. But time healed all those fears and I returned to normality within weeks.
As of January 2020, they seem pretty certain this was congenital (from birth) and hopefully not something which will grow any further but will be monitored.
MRI Cyst 2
MRI Scan – June 2019 – Cyst can be seen in the left picture (white section)
However, what was more important, was using my brain (the non-cyst parts ;)) to figure out what could have been going wrong in combat sports practice and how much it could effect the body.
Since then, I have graduated with an MRes in Exercise Physiology & BSc Strength&Conditioning Science across the past 4 years and currently a lecturer in Sport Science. My personal interests since then have always been involved in neuromuscular physiology and combat sports.
This is my personal blog to share my experiences and thoughts along the journey.
My experience over the past five years involves Strength & Conditioning/Sport Science support to the likes of Crystal Palace FC, London Wasps, national & youth athletes and MMA fighters. My previous theses lie in the understanding of fatigue and hydration within combat sports through the likes of neuromuscular and immunoendocrine measures.
Crystal Palace Academy vs PSG Academy. Belgium 2016
Overall, my interests lie in disseminating scientific information to the general public to increase awareness of the importance of Sport Science in professional sport, and brain health. I am also happy to assist in coaching/advice to athletes within their respective sports, within my knowledge and professional boundaries.
Feel free to get in contact or ask a question. Share to anyone who would be interested or get involved in future studies. Or just enjoy my progress throughout the journey in this blog.

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